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Originally starting as a hobby in 2005, Sheabynature  Ltd. now specialises in developing and manufacturing a wide range of luxurious natural beauty products derived from shea butter. Ethically sourcing rich, unrefined shea butter from a cooperative in western Africa, Sheabynature is committed to supporting Fairtrade production and delivering high quality shea butter products to its customers.

Sheabynature prides itself on its range of products for all skin types including natural face and body creams and butters, handmade soaps, body oils, face care products, lip balms, foot care products and more. The moisturising and healing properties of shea butter make Sheabynature products a perfect choice to soothe various skin conditions as well as keeping the skin hydrated and feeling fabulous.

“My love of creating natural skincare products started early. As a child I used to watch my mother make a variety of skincare products and in fact, I made my first batch of soap at the age of six! This interest continued on to taking an Agricultural Degree specialising in Crop Science. Many years later I am still developing products using African techniques passed down by my family. So from a magical childhood experience grew the business that me and my team run today, offering a balm for people who care about poverty, their body, and what they use on it.”

Chinwe Russell, Founder and Owner, Sheabynature Skincare Ltd.

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