Eco Friendly Fabric Creations.

Eco Friendly Fabric Creations

Eco Friendly Fabric Creations Since having my little girl I have been interested in reducing overall waste and reducing single use plastic, it's amazing how much waste we produce as a family and I wanted to try and reduce what we produce.By making Handmade items made from eco fr...
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Ana’s Bows and clips.

Ana’s Bows and clips

Ana's Bows and Clips  I’m Ana Lopes, 41 years of age with 3 amazing kids. My specialty is making DIY accessories.  In my spare time I love to sit at my station and make quality bows and hair clips which are very beautiful and look stunning.Beautiful bows and clips for all age’s ...
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Dress to Undress.

Dress to Undress

Dress to Undress Established in 2012, Dress to Undress is created by fashion designer Staci O.Specialising in handmade Jeanswear and avant-garde fashion. All garments are created using ethically sourced fabrics, and where possible recyclable fabrics, for both men and women. Cont...
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Dare To Be Different.

Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different Dare to be different clothing and accessory range is inspired by my research for my final year at college.  It is based on clothing worn in the asylum and work house of the Victorian era. Dare to be different breaks with main stream fashion it is about makin...
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Olibobs Handmade.

Olibobs Handmade

Olibob's Handmade  My business was established in August 2017 and is named after my first born Olivia. My love of crafting came from being on maternity leave and wanting to make some of my own accessories and clothing for my children. I taught myself all the skills I needed to m...
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Yorkshire Dragonfly.

Yorkshire Dragonfly

Yorkshire Dragonfly My name is Tracey Moore and I handmake gifts for you, your home and the people you love.  Following a dream of owning my own gift shop I opened Yorkshire Dragonfly in April 2016. I absolutely adore the thought of the someone opening a gift I have made and pac...
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 Han-Made Quality handmade pet and home accessories.The idea for Han-Made came from my love of dressing my dog, and resident model, Teddy, in bandanas. He has a bandana to suit every occasion, so I began to think ‘why stop at just making bandanas for Teddy?’. Bandanas and bow ti...
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Skuli Wear.

Skuli Wear

Skuli WearHigh quality knit wear made from the finest wools sourced from small producers in North Yorkshire. Established in 2017, Skuli Wear aims to produce the best quality and unique items. Contact  
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Anthony French Editions.

Anthony French Editions

Anthony French Editions During the mid-1990s, I decided to return as a mature student to full-time education, studying something that has been a passion of mine for many years. Enrolling at Oxford College of Further Education, I gained a National Diploma in fashion and pattern cutting. Furth...
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Ellie Pops Bespoke Bows.

Ellie Pops Bespoke Bows

Ellie Pops Bespoke Bows   I hand make hair bows for any occasion and specialise in dance school bows. I started running my own business in February 2016. After working as an office manager / administrator for 8 years I left to have my daughter Ellie. When she was 2 I started to make her some...
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