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The Doncaster Works Team here at Doncaster Council are committed to supporting individuals and employers across the borough by providing advice and guidance on training, apprenticeships and job opportunities.

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Support for individuals

If you want to find your next job or apprenticeship, get further qualifications or maybe start your own business we are here to help. Our experienced team have already assisted thousands of people to achieve their goals in all areas of their employment and these are just some of the ways we can do that for you:

  • Employment – We work with local employers and those moving into Doncaster to advertise their vacancies, which you can find on our vacancy pages.
  • Apprenticeships – If you want to know more about becoming an apprentice or would like information on opportunities that are available locally (including higher and degree apprenticeships), you can find this on our apprenticeship pages.
  • Training – If you're wanting to find information on local training provision or find out about support with the cost of training, take a look on our Training page.
  • Self-employment – If you are just thinking about becoming self-employed or need support to help your business grow, then we have some great services and advice available here in Doncaster. Take a look at the SCR Launchpad to find out about our latest fully funded support programme.
  • Advance – NEED A CAREER TRANSFORMATION? THEN ADVANCE WITH US - our skilled team are on hand to provide tailored support to meet your needs. For more information of where Advance could take you, contact us today.

Support for employers

Do you want to find the right job applicants or apprentices, up skill your current team or just want to know about any funding that is available to help your business thrive and grow? The Doncaster Works team deliver a brokerage service which provides FREE support to Doncaster Businesses including:

  • Vacancies – We inform local people about new companies coming into the area so that they can keep an eye on any new opportunities. We can help with your recruitment by advertising your latest job vacancies on our website which reaches thousands of people across the borough making sure you get the right candidates.
  • Training – Whatever your training need we can link you to local and regional training providers and if you can’t find what you are looking for we can act on your behalf to speak to the right people who can look into delivering it.
  • Funding – We provide updates to employers on local, regional and national initiatives in relation to employment and skills and will be happy to advise you as to what is available to meet your needs.
  • Advance – WANT TO ACHIEVE MORE FOR YOUR WORKFORCE? THEN ADVANCE WITH US - our skilled team are on hand to help you with your recruitment needs. We are working with local people to deliver a valuable fit for your business.
Contact one of our team today for further information or advice –
Tel: 01302 735556
Email: doncasterworks@doncaster.gov.uk


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