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For People

For People Need a career transformation

Looking to thrive in your chosen vocation?

Have you got more to give?

Then advance with us – Our skilled team is on hand to tailor support to meet your needs.

Change career – Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)aroundcurrent and future employment. We can be offer 1-1 or in group settings

Get promoted  – To help you identify and understand training, volunteering and career options in the local area

Get more hours – Support withjob search and identify upskilling opportunities

Find your dream job – Provide CEIAG andidentifysteps to success

Improve your skills and confidence – Access to Employer Work Academies, employers, work experience and support with progression training

Get an apprenticeship – Support withidentifyingand applyingfor apprenticeships opportunities.

Support with self-employment – To identify specialist mentors in your chosen area.

Contact us on 01302 735556 or email on doncasterworks@doncaster.gov.uk

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